Best books to read during social distancing: lock down

Best books to read  during social distancing: lock down

best books

when there is panic everywhere due to COVID-19 and government's proposed solution is self isolation and social distancing. This self-isolation, for many, is merely a period of depression frustration and restlessness and all of us know that books are considered the best companion of  humans. books are proven to lower your level of stress and develop positive thinking towards a specific situation. The life of human being generally comprises four different aspects: the mental. physical, emotional and spiritual aspect. All these level of existence differ from individual to individual and require different forms of development. during the course of life, everyone experience some traumas and that is the time where all of us are in panic condition. Here are the best books you should read in the self-isolation or lock down.

The Holy Quran

best books

It is holy book of muslims and all the people of the world can get guidlines in term of
Love and peace
No superiorty based on color, race and cast
Equal right for all humans
Give hope in difficult time
Complete social guidlines

Awaken the Giant within: how to take immediate control of your mental, emotional,physical and financial destiny

Author: Anthony robbins

best books

This book describe the different techniques to control your emotions and other human related behaviour

Switch: how to change things when change is hard

Author:Chip heath and Dan heath

best books

This book deals with two types of brain systems.
when these two system, coordinate with each other, change happens easily but change is difficult for humans to accept when these two systems are not in coordination. this book help you to cope this situation.

The Magic of Thinking big

Author: david j. schwartz

best books

the writer help the readers how to overcome the fear, develop confidence and aimed,

Relentless: from good to great to unstoppable

Author: Tim S. grover

This, after reading, develop a sense of strong emotion and work under pressure when every one is giving up.

Care Package: A path to deep healing

Author: Sylvester MCnutt 111

best book

This book encourage the reader to self-care whatever the condition and advised to get motivated.

if you have collection of good reading material, share with us in the comment box and i will write next article on it,so everyone would get benefit. Get more useful information


  1. Great list, I am a huge reader! I will have to add some of these to my list, thank you!

  2. I guess reading these list of book definitely going to add more knowledge. Thanks for sharing

  3. Good job on this article! I really like how you presented your facts and how you made it interesting and easy to understand. Thank you.
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