Immunity booster foods: foods that immensely boost your immune system

Immunity booster foods: foods that immensely boost your immune system
The only way we can fight against infectious diseases is to have strong immunity. our forefathers had strong immunity system and on that time mortality was lesser due to their diet rich in organicfoodlike vegetables, milk, dry fruits and meat. but as we are fast food eaters, our immunity  is not strong enough to fight against infectious disease. but still we can improve and boost our immunity system by adding few foods in our diet
 Do you know which substances or compounds boost immunity?
All types of antioxidants like vitamin C, E, B especially B6 and DMinerals like iron, zinc, manganese selinium ProbioticsSupplements from herbs
Now you must recognize some foods that contain a considerable amount of these substances. try to get these substances from organic food and limit synthetic suppliments.
A list of those foods that boost immunity and contain sufficient amount of  immunity booster compounds  Citrus fruits
Food: Chicken and its products to eatwhat is food
Food is any organic and inorganic material or substance that we eat to fulfill our daily body's energy requirement to work effeciently. we can only get energy from food if food is undergoing through digestion and absorption or assimilation process.
Components of food All types of food contain major six components
fats and oils
what are the types of food? on the basis of  sources, food can be catagorized into two types

food from animal sourcefood from plant source
what are animal food sources Chicken is the most consumed animal based food. it is most popular among adults as well as childerns due to good taste profile and relatively low cost. Mutton and beef are also popular among people due to high nutritional value.

Advantages of chicken consumption Chicken contain an important amino acid called tryptophan.tryptophan boost serotonin harmone that and is good at promoting healthier sleep, f…

Best books to read during social distancing: lock down

Best books to read  during social distancing: lock down
when there is panic everywhere due to COVID-19 and government's proposed solution is self isolation and social distancing. This self-isolation, for many, is merely a period of depression frustration and restlessness and all of us know that books are considered the best companion of  humans. books are proven to lower your level of stress and develop positive thinking towards a specific situation. The life of human being generally comprises four different aspects: the mental. physical, emotional and spiritual aspect. All these level of existence differ from individual to individual and require different forms of development. during the course of life, everyone experience some traumas and that is the time where all of us are in panic condition. Here are the best books you should read in the self-isolation or lock down.

The Holy Quran

It is holy book of muslims and all the people of the world can get guidlines in term of
Biological war: 5TH Generation warfare

When we address biological warfare which is also known as “germ warfare”, is a manipulation of biological toxins or infectious agent like viruses, insects, bacteria and fungi with aspiration to kill or incapacitate animals, humans and plants as an action of war. Living organism or virus (which not considered as living) may be used as agents of biological warfare.  Entomological warfare is also fall in the category of biological war. It is different from nuclear and chemical warfare. When strategic and adroit advantages are under objectives over the enemy either through threats or by substantial deployments, biological weapons are utilized. Depending on the condition, these weapons may be lethal or non-lethal, against an individual, a group of people or may b entire population. It is generally considered as bioterrorism.  A general term is used for these acts “midspectrum agents”,it means they do not reproduce in their host but characterizes by short…

After corona virus, Hantavirus has been tested positive in dead person in china

After corona virus, Hantavirus has been tested positive in dead person in china
When we are globally struggling with the corona virus epidemic, a case of hantavirus is reported in china where a person tested positive for Hantavirus after death. Hantavirus are etiologic agent for hemorrhagic fever in humans having renal syndrome (HFRS) in Asia and Europe and pulmonary syndrome of Hantavirus(HRFS) in the America. Rate of mortality varies from 0.3-40% for HFRS and 30-40% for HCPS. Generally two types of phenomenon are considered related to the effect of species diversity on host-disease system; dilution effect and amplification effect. Dilution effect proposed for diseases that were transmitted by vectors where host presence with decreased capacity to infect feeding vectors, diluted the chances of infection thereby reduced risk of disease. While in amplification effect, the increased species diversity aggravates infection and disease rate but this phenomenon is least observed. This was he…
How you can make hand sanitizer during corona virus epidemic at home when sale surge, leading to prices hikes.

You should clear one thing that hand sanitizers are gel or liquid formulation that we can use to minimize or kill germs on hands. At this time, corona virus is a global problem, in a situation when there is no vaccine available against it, only precautionary measures can help us to fight and combat these deadly virus. There may be a shortage of sanitizers or may not be affordable for many people due to elevated prices. In this article I will share the easiest and affordable method to make hand sanitizers at home that may prove effective in term of cost and kill germs. Usually alcohol based sanitizers are more useful for hand washing. These sanitizers are effective if there formulation contain 60-95% alcohol. What you’ll need: ·200ml water ·100ml of spirit ·10ml dettol ·Aloe vera gel Directions: Pour all these ingredients into one bowl Gently mix for 5 minutes If you want a thick saniti…
Stress: how it interact with your body, what can you do to manage stress
Stress is a silent killer and cause many health and psychological problems, especially teenagers are more encountered. We stressed in our life by many ways like death of our loved one, divorce, loss of job, getting married, emotional problems like low self-esteem, guilt and grief, theft, lack of money and time and violence against loved one. Now a day stress is a major problem, large number of people can be seen in stress condition. There are no exceptions regarding age even young children are facing this issue. If it is not managed, individual may commit suicide.
How can you identify one is stressed Here are some visual sign of stress which might be helpful for you    Nail biting    Lack of concentration    Forgetfulness    Depression    Sadness    Social withdrawal    Eating too much or too little    Sleeping irregularities    Headache    Loss of interest in activities Palmer in 1989 defined the stress as psychological, phy…